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Little Hotel

Our way of keeping you safe

The Little Hotel family would like to inform you about the preventive measures that are used in the hotel in order to guarantee a high level of safety for our guests. The cleaning of the rooms and common areas has always been treated with the utmost care by our staff, using high quality and above all certified products, able to fully sanitise any area, in compliance with what the Covid regulations require.

The restaurant and bar are organised in such a way as to respect the spacing between tables, as required by the regulations. In order to avoid crowds around the buffet, breakfast will be served at the table directly by our staff, who will be equipped with masks and will take care to keep the entire area hygienic. Lunch and dinner will be served at the table as always, with the vegetable buffet being replaced by a starter created by our chefs.

Each room is sanitised before your arrival with a special hydrogen peroxide nebuliser. The daily cleaning of the room will be carried out by our staff, equipped with all the necessary preventive devices. Finally, inside the structure there are columns hygienizing available to customers who must wear a mask, as specially indicated by the signs.

With this information Little Hotel hopes to give everyone a greater sense of security and peace of mind, in order to make you enjoy your holiday in the best possible way!