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an authentic seaside village

10 things to see and do

The unexpected Cesenatico

1. Stroll through the old town centre as far as Piazzetta delle Conserve, perhaps discover one of the local markets that come to life in its streets.

2. Spend a day on the beach and at sunset enjoy a refreshing aperitif overlooking the sea with an aperitif at sunset.

3. A walk along the seafront with a stop in the picturesque Piazza Costa, in the shadow of the skyscraper.

4. A bicycle ride to Valverde di Cesenatico to enjoy the very special "vegetable" beach of the Tamerici or visit the free beach of the skyscraper or the Diamanti, where you can sunbathe lying among the artistic painted canvases.

5. Stroll along the verdant Giardini del Mare, which run parallel to the sea as far as the pier. Remember to breathe in a touch of culture with Tonino Guerra's Cathedral of Leaves.

6. Take a walk in the open air or do some sport along the paths of the Parco di Levante. Among small lakes, small bridges, fitness trails and lots of small animals.

7. Stroll along the Vena Mazzarini with an ice cream in your hand, admiring the gushing fountains, perhaps at sunset or after dinner, to admire the play of light and water.

8. Shopping in the shops and boutiques in the historic centre and along the Carducci promenade.

9. Enjoying the sunset from the bars on the Molo with the wonderful view of the huts neatly arranged along the western quay.

10. A dive into culture and history, visiting for example the majestic sailing ships of the Maritime Museum or the poetic intimacy of Marino Moretti's House.

History and culture of Cesenatico

Museo della Marineria
Cesenatico hosts the Maritime Museum, an almost unique and fascinating collection of ancient boats, whose sails and colourful hulls tell the story of centuries of fishing and maritime traffic. Some of the ships on display are moored in the Leonardesco port, the most important of which is the Trabaccolo da trasporto, on which it is possible to board.